How To Get Bow Down With A Square Stern Canoe

Grand Laker Canoe Hull Variations There is only one published source of plans for a Grand Laker canoe that I know of, and that is in Gil Gilpatrick’s book ‘Building a Strip Canoe’. When I decided I wanted to build a square stern canoe, I started looking for plans and considered Gil’s but changed my mind when I could not find pictures of boats built from his. […]

How To Know Which Wordpress Theme A Site Is Using

The WordPress Theme Directory is the official site for WordPress Themes which have been checked and inspected, and are free for downloading. The site features the ability to search by type and style, and offers a demonstration of the page view elements of the Theme. […]

How To Hit A Driver Low Into The Wind

How to Hit a Low Driver, Drive Low into the Wind: Hit Low Golf Drive, Penetrating Driver Shot, Hit Low Drives off Tee How to Hit a Low Driver, Drive Low into the Wind: Posted by […]

How To Get Hof Badges My Career 2k17

There are several ways to earn virtual currency to level up your MyPlayer in NBA 2K17, but it's easy to get locked into certain methods while neglecting others that can be equally or even more […]

How To Find An Item With Stoutland

An often requested item is the "Weldon Burger" named after Weldon Evans, who attends church with Neva at Grace Baptist, Richland. She says Weldon made some suggestions about what to put on it so she named it for him. "It is one of our biggest sellers," she said. The bacon cheeseburger is also a good seller. In the future pizzas will be added. […]

How To Kill Ant Hills

With outdoor ants, people are only going to need to locate the ant hills. From there, they can fill in the ant hills with some variety of relatively benign poison. From there, they can fill in the ant hills with some variety of relatively benign poison. […]

Consider Replacing Your Battery How To Fix

Fix your Windows 7 laptop battery problem Posted by icesnake on February 8, 2010 By this time, I am sure everyone has heard about the problems with Windows 7 destroying laptop batteries. […]

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat In 1 Week

How To Lose A Hundred Pounds In One Week Home Workouts To Burn Stomach Fat How To Lose A Hundred Pounds In One Week At Home Workouts To Burn Belly Fat How To Burn Down A Building What Are The Best Foods For Burning Belly Fat Exercises That Burn Belly And Side Fat First from you need to understand some basic […]

Miitopia How To Get Secret Jobs

1/08/2017 · There are also two secret jobs in Miitopia. However, you have to unlock both of them. After defeating the Dark Lord, you can access and unlock the Traveler’s Village that allows you to have tons […]

Guild Wars 2 How To Get Cloak And Dagger

I tested this vs DD raid build as soon as the patch went live and with all buffs and optimal food the DPS of the dagger/dagger thief build was a steady 34.7-35k through all four readings on the 4 mill hp golem. The DD staff build was only around 31-32k on all four readings with the same food and buffs. […]

How To Help Baby Poop 2 Months

Hello everyone My 2 month old baby is very gassy all the time . She farts with some poop the whole time . My paediatrician said it is normal fr some babies until 2 months. But now I am really worried since she is continuing the same thing.. […]

How To Get Java File From Jar

Possible Duplicate: How do I read a resource file from a Java jar file? Starting to go completely bonkers over this after googling for hours. I've also seen variations of the question on the site but can't seem to get … […]

How To Get Sunlight Straight Sword

Lets assume casting the buff costs exactly 25FP, and you have 100FP total. If you cast it 4 times in a row, your FP will now be 0. Now if you equip a Simple shield, and wait 4 seconds, you will now have 1FP. […]

How To Get 150 Mbps On Telus Fibre

However, wheather you get the mentioned speed or not depends on the coverage of network in your area. If you're at broadband, you're good. If not then you gotta see what actual speed is being delivered by using some software. […]

How To Know If You Re Deaf In One Ear

18/08/2013 · Best Answer: you have wax clogged in your ear. you should NOT push wax into your ear with a Q-tip. A doctor can either: pull it out with a needle-like instrument or wash it out with an instrument that injects a high stream of water into your ear. Definitely need to … […]

How To Get Sanguine Greatsword

Sanguine Great Sword is a Weapon in Pillars of Eternity 2. Forged through ritual sacrifice, this sword radiates the hot, metallic scent of fear and the singed sulphur smell of anger. […]

How To Get To Shaolin Temple

What is the best way to get from the Shaolin temple to Pingyao? Is it best to come back to Luoyang and go from there to Pingyao? a) Fastest way from Luoyang to Shaolin? Is the 2hr bus the fastest way? b) If we do the Longmen grottoes & Shaolin in one day, what to visit first? How many days do you recommend in Pingyao? Is 1 day enough? We are pretty flexible as to adding or subtracting a day in […]

How To Get To Addon Installer In Kodi 17

With Addon installer, you will only be able to install add-ons on Kodi 17.1 one-by-one while Config Wizard, in contrast, allows you to automatically install most of the best add-ons available. With the above Kodi 17.1 addons how to install guide, you will get the best TV add-ons on your new Kodi … […]

How To Get A Hot Body In 2 Months

22/07/2009 Contrary to popular belief, rowing is mainly in your legs. I'm on my city's rowing team and have been for the past 3 years. It will give you a hot body if you commit to it and work hard, but if you row the wrong way as I do, by mainly using your arms, your arms will get pretty ripped but not like those body […]

How To Cook Whole Fish In The Oven In Foil

The way I cook a salmon is extremely slowly, wrapped in foil in the oven. I cannot recommend this method highly enough. With skin and bones, head and tail intact there is not only a captured concentration of flavours, but also a guaranteed succulent […]

How To Get Perfect Melon Balls

An avocado and cantaloupe melon balls, paired with a little olive oil vinaigrette and a bit of fresh mint make this the perfect blend of flavors, textures, and nutrients for a delicious healthy snack that can be whipped up in no time! […]

How To Find Area Under A Curve Z Score

6/11/2014 · Use Table A-2 to find the z score corresponding to the cumulative left area bounded by x. Refer to the body of Table A-2 to find the closest area, then identify the corresponding z score. 3. Using Formula 6-2, enter the values for µ, s, and the z score found in step 2, then solve for x. x = µ + (z • s) If z is located to the left of the mean, be sure that it is a negative number. 4. Refer […]

How To Get To The Basement In Hello Neighbor

11/10/2016 · The first thing you’ll note in Hello Neighbor is that the basement door in your creepy neighbor’s living room has a total of 2 defense mechanisms. These mechanisms include a wooden plank and a key card door lock. In order to unlock the door successfully, you’ll have to obtain a total of 5 items with 2 being the tools you will need to unlock the door. The first and most difficult item to […]

How To Get Estonia Eu4

Estonia SIM Cards - Roam1 International SIM card for Estonia helps you keep in touch when you are in Rome for a business meeting with a client or in Venice for signing a contract. […]

How To Get My Kaspersky Activation Code

Kaspersky Total Security 2018 Activation code is the best and very powerful antivirus software that can help you to secure your PC from any kind of virus or hacking. You can use this tool for your professional and business purpose. […]

How To Find Fossil In Pokemon X

If you have Pokemon X you can find the root fossil and claw fossil. Again you will have to trade the X and Y fossil exclusives. Again you will have to trade the X and Y fossil exclusives. ortiz350 […]

Python 3 How To Find The Number Of A Key

Perfect Number. Any number can be perfect number, if the sum of its positive divisors excluding the number itself is equal to that number. For example, 6 is a perfect number because 6 is divisible by 1, 2, 3 […]

How To Find Out If You Have Perfect Pitch

Once you have created a good list of target market segments, youll need to do a little research and estimation to figure out how many people are in each segment. If you live in the U.S., the U.S. Census site is an invaluable resource that you should take full advantage of. […]

How To Get Rid Of House Centipedes Quickly

"Learn how to get rid of house centipedes by using repellents, natural products, and commercial pesticides. Choosing the best method depends on the severity of your infestation and whether there are children or pets in your home." […]

How To Get A Free Car Seat Through Medicaid

The car seat distribution programs are designed to eligible parents so they can get free car seat such as infant, convertible as well as booster seats. Zaza in 2001 explained that the program is also created to teach parents for its installation and usage. As you can see, the programs exist only for low income parents of infants and it can be applied through insurance companies, clinics and […]

How To Get Pixelmon On Minecraft

Pixelmon Mod 1.13.2/1.13.1/1.12.2 has been created to ensure the inclusion of about 300 critters into the world of minecraft. It is a mod which is compatible with other mods. It […]

How To Get Cigarette Smell Out Of House Quickly

Freshly laundered clothes can quickly absorb cigarette smoke. Read on to find out how to get rid of smoke smell and make your clothes smell fresh again. Top Tip . Try to avoid hanging your clothes indoors if you live in a smoky environment, because the smell can cling to the fabric. Key Steps: Minimise your clothes smoke exposure. Use a fragranced detergent like Surf Liquid to wash your […]

How To Know If Someone Deleted You On Snapchat

Step 2: Now, delete Snapchat from your device and turn on the mobile data to install it back. Step 3: Now, Sign in with your account and you can use Snapchat like you were using before. […]

How To Get Rid Of Gravatar

WordPress allows us to use custom avatars that we upload to Gravatar. The Gravatar images are assigned to our accounts and follow us from one website to another, helping identify the author whether it’s a blog post or comment. […]

How To Get Rope Lift Maplestory

17/02/2018 · How to get a consistent and safe 12k-13k strat as an Aran (and potentially as any other class with a Flash Jump/Rope Lift with minor tweaks to your platforming): Be sure to bring Rope Lift… […]

How To Learn Thai Quickly

Bretts Foundation Course helps you to learn Thai script so you can learn the sounds and tonal rules of Thai consonants and vowels. The foundation course takes about two weeks to complete if you practice everyday for 30 minutes. […]

How To Drive School Bus Roblox

School Bus Safety Company Courses now available through the SafeSchools Training System . We’ve partnered with the School Bus Safety Company (SBSC), the #1 provider of specialized school bus safety training, to deliver their expert-authored courses online through our SafeSchools Training System. […]

How To Get Archived G Mail

To find an archived message, simply click "All Mail" and use the search box at the top of the screen to search for it. You can search by sender, subject line, etc. You can search by sender, subject line, etc. […]

How To Get Into World Series Of Poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the poker world's most famous tournament. Staged anually in Las Vegas, players from around the world compete for almost two weeks, to win some of the biggest prizes available. The winner of the Main Event in 2008 pocketed over $9 MILLION! […]

How To Get A Date Movie

Get Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot DVD and Blu-ray release date, trailer, movie poster and movie stats. After almost losing his life in a drunk driving accident, Portland native John Callahan has to come to grips with his demons. Giving up drinking is... […]

How To Get Food For My Pet In Coin Master

21/07/2017 · Hi! Today i desided to record some research :) Easy trick to get x5 reward(using x5 spins) just for faster game..And You'll get x5 reward from attacks and st... […]

How To Give A Good Back Massage

It's good to start with a small amount of massage lotion, or oil, or cream of your choice, whatever you like. Get some nice, long, opening strokes, to start to warm up the back. So, you can make your way down the length of the spine, making sure not to press directly on the spine. Down the muscles, towards the hips. And pull across. There's a muscle here at the lower back called the Quadratus […]

How To Teach A Puppy Not To Eat Poop

Add some challenges to proof your training. Stop blocking access to the poop and remove the collar and leash and continue with the "leave it" command followed by praise and a treat for obeying the command and moving away from the poop. […]

Onigiri How To Get Ougi

Onigiri (“oh-nee-gee-ree”) are Japanese rice balls and today I’m going to show you how easy they are to make! As I was working on the material for this post, I realized that I’ve been writing about onigiri for a long time on this little piece of the inter-webs of mine. […]

How To Fix Zipper In Bag

What others are saying "how to fix broken zipper." "Fix broken zipper. I've been needing this!" "How to fix a broken zipper in minutes. This just helped me fix a zipper on a bag that would have been thrown away just because the zipper wouldn't close!" […]

How To Finish Letter Of Acceptance Finish Sentence

When the race to finish writing my book came to an end, I was proud, relieved and excited. The whole process seemed like a dream. I didn't set out to write a The whole process seemed like a dream. […]

How To Get Credit Card With Bad Credit Canada

After consistent use of your secured credit card and months of impeccable payment history, you should be able to graduate to a regular credit card. Often, the bank that issued your secured card will approach you with an offer of a regular credit card. Youll get the money of your initial deposit back. […]

How To Get Rock Smash In Pokemon Omega Ruby

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire owned by Nintendo. Images used for educational purposes only. Part Twelve: Route 117 and Route 118 . Main Walkthrough Page. Route 111. First up on this Route is a house owned by a family known as the Winstrates. If you can face all four Winstrates in a row (no pauses between battles) you can enter the house and speak to the mother to receive a Macho Brace […]

How To Get Rid Of Avast Email Signature How to turn off Avast Antivirus email signature and get rid off "virus-free" footer. Go to Avast settings, uncheck 'Enable Avast email signature' and restart your browser. Works for Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, Live Mail or Thunderbird. […]

How To Get Chest Outside Of Tidal Caves Bof

One of Britain’s fastest-growing adventure sports, coasteering is a mixture of swimming and exploring along the edge of the water, including climbing into caves, playing in the swell and jumping into pools. […]

How To Get More People To Like My Facebook Page

One super simple way to get links back to your page -- and possibly get more likes -- is to make sure your personal profile is linked to your page in the Employment section of your […]

Stardew Valley How To Fix The Bus

Fix Desert Bus Stop Mod fixes some cosmetic about the desert bus stop.This moves the bus stop sign to the right side of the road and also align the gravel path to the oasis with the bus door. […]

How To Get Into Intellectual Property Law

Entrepreneurs and business owners need to understand the basics of intellectual property (IP) law to best protect their hard-earned creations and ideas from unfair competition. Intellectual property includes distinctive items that you have created and ones that give you an economic benefit. […]

How To Get To Sault Ste Marie From Toronto

Buses leaving from Toronto to Sault Ste. Marie will depart from University Ave and Wellington Street, Toronto Coach Terminal, Toronto Coach Terminal, Pearson YYZ Airport or Scarborough Town Centre. A bus ride to Sault Ste. Marie will drop you off at Howard Johnson , Sault College or Sault Area Hospital . […]

Undercards How To Get Gold is tracked by us since September, 2016. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 83 399 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from USA, where it reached as high as 22 821 position. […]

How To Get Mighty Jax

Kidrobot has teamed up with Mighty Jaxx to bring you a collection of art toys. Shop Mighty Jaxx art figures now. […]

How To Get From Orlando To Tampa Airport

18/04/2016 · Re: Best way to go from Orlando airport to tampa airport Apr 18, 2016, 2:03 PM You could also try to use the local Lynx bus service in Orlando to catch the MegaBus to Tampa and then take HART bus service in Tampa to the airport. […]

How To Get Free Gems In Clash Royale No Survey

Clash Royale hack free gems unlimited gold. 3 (60%) 2 votes . Clash Royale is an online game which is very popular nowadays. This popularity has caused people to look for a Clash Royale hack. This is a great game with marvelous game play. But when it comes to gems and gold, players need to work hard to get them. There are websites which claim to offer tips and tricks to get gems faster or gain […]

How To Get To Hyjal Summit Legion

How to get to mount hyjal legion. How to get to mount hyjal from new dalaran. How to get to mount hyjal in wow. How to get to mount hyjal from bfa. How to get to mount hyjal hy wow . How to get to mount hyjal summit instance. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords. Fried fish side dishes 1 . Jax beach flooding 2 . Destructive weld test procedure 3 […]

How To Get Jojo White

Jojo White ‏ @jojocwhite Jun Get instant insight into what people are talking about now. Get more of what you love Follow more accounts to get instant updates about topics you care about. Find what's happening See the latest conversations about any topic instantly. Never miss a Moment Catch up instantly on the best stories happening as they unfold. […]

How To Find Max Wheel Offset

This wheel offset calculator shows the effect of changing your wheel width and offset on your 350Z, GT-R and 370Z How to use the offset calculator. 1. Either click on your current wheel or enter your current wheel width and offset* 2. Enter your new wheel width and offset. 3. Click the calculate button . The calculator will then show the clearance between the inside of the wheel and the strut […]

How To Get More Ncsoft Coins

However you can cheat a bit and level 5 characters, accept the quest, get the coins, and then move the coins to your account warehouse and turn them in on the toon you want the ticket Unless they fixed that! […]

How To Get Out Of Smurf Queue

Marco Smurf wears an old English hat and a medallion around his neck and goes out to sea to get the Smurfs' spices. The last time he went, it took him two years to get back home, and the other Smurfs had to go on an expedition to find him. He is a spoof of the explorer […]

How To Keep Bananas Last Longer

Bananas A simple trick to save bananas from rotting so quickly is to cover the crown (where all the stems are attached) with a plastic wrap. Bananas release a gas called ethylene which ripens the fruit. […]

How To Backup To G Drive

To back up G Suite data, you must specify the G Suite backup settings in an existing profile or in a new profile. For more information, see Create a profile or Update a profile . inSync will start backing up the user data from G Suite per the backup schedule that is defined for a profile with Cloud Apps enabled. […]

How To Go Up And Talk To A Girl

Hire the top 3% of UX/UI designers. Great designers are hard to find. Let Toptal help match you with top design talent for your next project. I dont recommend approaching women when theyre with other men. So its pretty clear hes not a partner (no ring, not touching her affectionately […]

How To Get Into The Witches Garden God Of War

Get stuck into a whole new armoury of combination techniques and elemental magic attacks in addition to the moves you learnt in the first God of War. - Come face-to-face with Atlas, Icarus and the ancient and noble beasts of legend; then kick the crap out of them. […]

Shadow Warrior Pc How To Jump Far

Hi there, Has anyone actually got shadow warrior working with sound?, every time I select any sound blaster device in the setup with port 220, IRQ 7, 8bit DMA 1 16bit DMA 5 it just hangs. […]

How To Know If Ur Puppy Is Fearful

Your puppy should meet dogs and puppies who you know for a fact are friendly and healthy. A well-run puppy manners class or play group will help. Avoid even […]

How To Get Good Health Insurance

How To Get Good Health Insurance . These days, there is a range of insurance products ranging from Motor to health and even a travel policy that one can easily buy online. […]

How To Get The Skunk Smell Off Your Dog

While you're cleaning and washing your dog you may get the skunk smell on you. Place your clothes into the washing machine separate from the rest of your laundry. Wash them like you normally, but add a little ammonia to help eliminate the smell. […]

How To Get Title Safe In Photoshop

This is useful if your text goes across both light and dark areas of a photo; it can get lost in the background in some areas. The faded blur will set the text off from the background and make it easier to read. This is easy to do in Photoshop using the outer glow layer style effect, but since […]

How To Find Community Service In My Area

Nepean Community & Neighbourhood Services is a community-based, non-profit organisation in the Penrith area. We work with young people, kids, families, Aboriginal people, mums and... We work with young people, kids, families, Aboriginal people, mums and... […]

How To Get Someone Out Of Their Shell

When they hatch, they eat … most of the shell, but a small part of it stays with them and that is the beginning of their shell. As the snail grows, so does its shell -- in a spiral shape. New shell is added at the opening of the shell. In the center of the spiral is the part of the shell that the snail began life with.. The shell is made from several layers. The thin outer layer is made from […]

How To Get The Last Shotgun In Btf4

28/10/2007 · First, many people will call a gun "shot out" when it just needs a small part or two replaced to start running again. The general concensus of a truly "shot out" gun is that the receiver has worn in some way to make the gun not function safely or at all. […]

How To Find Total Price Labour

Labor markup is used by companies that primarily supply labor and do not typically subcontract the work. For example, if you employ four tradesmen 2,000 hours per year or 8,000 total hours, and you need to earn $200,000 of gross profit (overhead costs + net profit), you must charge an additional $25 per hour over and above your actual hourly labor cost for all hours worked ($200,000/8,000 = $25). […]

Circular Motion How To Find Period

Watch video - [Instructor] What we're going to do in this video is continue talking about uniform circular motion. And in that context, we're gonna talk about the idea of period, which we denote with a capital T, or we tend to denote with a capital T, and a very related idea. […]

Sim Citgyh 4 How To Get Spaceport

You don't need all those amenities right from the start, try getting rid of firestation, police station, higher education, etc. Taxes shouldn't be higher than 9% ever unless you want to get rid of residents. […]

How To Get To Coldharbour Eso


How To Get Rid Of A Zit Overnight

The Fastest Way to Get Rid Of a Gigantic Pimple Overnight, According to Reddit. The Fastest Way to Get Rid Of a Gigantic Pimple Overnight, According to Reddit. ADVICE + […]

How To Get Chickens To Lay Eggs In Nesting Boxes

Yes, if all that is offered to the chickens is ground nests, andthe chickens and ducks are raised together, then they certainlywill lay their eggs in the same nest. Ducks usua … lly lay eggs in theearly morning hours, and chickens generally prefer mid-day, butthat's variable as to the particular flock. […]

How To Kill Ghosts Dark Souls New Londo

New Londo Ruins The fourth Fire Keeper Soul is located in New Londo Ruins, on the right hand side of a narrow wooden walkway. Be careful though, as you'll encounter three ghosts in this area. […]

How To Find Targets In Res Sites Elite Dangerous

Update September 2, 2016: Proving that the Elite: Dangerous community is among the most dedicated gaming communities in existence, is Redditor booblian, who flew to the crash site and made a full […]

Tera How To Get Titans Earth

Background . The Titans currently reside within the dimension known as Final Space. They are also said by Nightfall to be responsible for the destruction of the universe in the future, when Mooncake opens the Final Space portal in a fit of rage. […]

Learn How To Have Sex The Right Way

There is no right or wrong way to have sex with a partner. Every couple has to experiment to find out what works for them. Every couple has to experiment to find out what works for them. […]

How To Get Internet Time In Php

13/08/2017 · a) You'll find this the familiar part, with the 'internet time tab' mentioned above. 5) Click on the 'Internet Time Tab'... Then you'll be able to follow the method 2 instructions above, and even 'update the clock' immediately. […]

How To Find Nymph Terraria

13/10/2017 Welcome to my Let's Play of Terraria! I've played this game for countless hours, but with update 1.08 out now (equivalent to PC 1.2.4), a lot more content has been added! […]

Banished How To Get Trader To Bring Livestock

To have them in the Pen you need to buy living Chickens from the Livestock merchant. Your c) statement that the "Chickens" meat is being sold at the market confirms this theory. A simple way to see if it is a live or dead chicken(s) is that the value of live chickens are 400-500 and chicken meat is worth 3. […]

How To Give Mobs Special Atatcks One Command

Command Permissions Before you can configure command permissions you must first be using some sort of permissions system. Essentials comes bundled with GroupManager which allows permissions to be configured on a per user or per group basis. […]

How To Find Out If You Are Gender Discrimination

7/10/2016 · Gender roles are how society believes men and women should act, dress, etc. Whether it is in the workplace, school, events, etc, it is a very large issue in our society. […]

How To Get Massive Forearms

How To Develop Large Forearms. December 18, 2010 By Victor Pride 8 Comments. Large forearms are one of the most intimidating and impressive parts of a man’s physique. You can tell a strong person by the size of their forearms. Some guys have impressive forearms without doing any direct forearm work, other guys (like me) were born with toothpick forearms and have to give them special […]

How To Know Vergified News

How To Detect Bias In News Media Media have tremendous power in setting cultural guidelines and in shaping political discourse. It is essential that news media, along with other institutions, are challenged to be fair and accurate. […]

How To Eat Ckean For A Drug Test

How To Eat Clean And Lose Weight On A Budget Ingredients For Detox Tea How To Detox Fast For A Drug Test How To Minimize The Impact Of A Liver Detox Detoxing Lungs Naturally Best Detox Cleanse Homemade Teas. […]

How To Get More Similac Coupons

If you know how to get Earth’s Best, Gerber, or other brand name infant formula coupons, please share in the comments below! More Money Savings for New Moms 1) Groupon Coupon Network – When you have a newborn baby to care for, you can use all the money saving ideas out there. […]

How To Explain Fitness To A Child

Key considerations when training kids. Training children, either one-to-one or in groups, can be very rewarding. And with a few simple considerations you can ensure safe … […]

How To Get Back Off Of Galaxy A5

How to Back up phone - Back up your contacts, calendar, emails and galleries. English Back up phone Samsung Galaxy A5. Please select your country and operator below to see Device Guides for your operator. Continue. Please note: Your operator does not offer Device Guides. Some phones, tablets, guides, settings and other features will be unvavailable or incorrect. Got it. Device Guides is […]

How To Fix Brother Printer No Paper

Printer indicates a paper jam (front, rear) inspection with flash light reveal no paper jam. Message is a malfunction which I would like to correct if possible. Message is a … […]

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